Kushki Cajita

Cajita provides your customers a plug and play payment experience.

Cajita will allow reception of online payments easily and quickly. It will collect your customer’s payment details and transfer them into a token, which will be used later to process charges in your servers.

Import Cajita

Use a script tag inside your page to add the Kushki Cajita. Add the following code:

<script src=""></script>


Create a form tag where your shopping cart is generated automatically.

<form id="kushki-pay-form" action="confirm" method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="cart_id" value="123">

In your form you can include any relevant information for business at time of payment.

This example is the ID of the user’s shopping cart. The form ID is important as it will be used in the script that generates the cash register.

To render Kushki Cajita:

Use a script upon completion of the checkout process, Cajita submits all the payment information, passing a token and any elements you added.

<script type="text/javascript">
    var kushki = new KushkiCheckout({
        form: "<form-id-where-included-cajita>",
        merchant_id: "<public-merchant-id>",
        amount: "1.14",
        currency: "USD", 
	    	payment_methods:["credit-card","transfer"] , // Payments Methods enabled in this case will be card and transfer 
        is_subscription: false, // Optional
      	inTestEnvironment: true,
      	callback_url: "", // Only if transfer payment method is added in payment_methods   
      	regional:false // Optional

This script must be included anywhere in the document, as long as it is after the tag form.

Received parameters

Change the KushkiCheckout using the following configuration options:


Property Type Description Default Possible Values
form String ID of the form inside of which the cash register of Kushki will be generated.
merchant_id String Unique public ID from Kushki Client. This value must be replaced for the one you will receive at the moment of registration.
amount String/Object Use a String type for a card transaction and Object for a transfer transaction this represents the value of the purchase String: e.g. USD: 1.14, COP: 4480 Object: e.g. amount: {subtotalIva: 1,subtotalIva0: 0,ice: 0,iva: 0.14}
currency or you can use the amount object for Transfer Payment Method String Code of currency used USD COP, USD, CLP, UF
inTestEnvironment Boolean Value to define if you are in production or test environment false true,false


Property Type Description Default Possible Values
is_subscription Boolean Define if the token is a token or subscription token false true,false
payment_methods String Types of payment that is going to be used in Cajita, also you can add various methods credit-card credit-card, transfer
language String Language to be set in Cajita es es,en
callback_url String The URL that the client will be redirect at the final of the transaction, this parameter is only used for transfer payment method
regional Boolean Define if use a static IP to Kushki access false true,false


Once you added Cajita in your front-end code it will appear in your checkout and it is ready to be used!

OTP Sandbox

Kushki allows to simulate an OTP validation in our test environment. The OTP will change depending on the credit card currency:

  • Type 155 for USD
  • Type 555 for COP

If you want more information about this feature, please go to our One Time Password section.

Supported languages

Our native language is Spanish and we support the following:

  • Spanish (es)
  • English (en)

Supported browsers

Currently Cajita tries to support all the latest versions of major browsers to provide the best experience for all your customers.

We support:

  • Chrome, Safari and Firefox on all platforms
  • Internet Explorer and Edge - we currently support Internet Explorer 9 and above.