Charge fast, easy and safe.

Kushki offers API services that allow you to charge your products and/or services differently; fast, easy and safe.

What are Smartlinks?

SmartLink’s, as the name implies, are intelligent links that you can generate through our API Rest service, and customize with images, colors and fields without any restrictions.

They are used by customer who do not necessarily have a website, and need to collect and sell via social networks, email, whatsapp, etc.

Functionalities available in Smartlinks

How it works?

You create the Smartlink according to your needs with our endpoints available in Kushki API

Technical Integration

Invoke the API enpoints in this order:

For more information please check our endpoints in Kushki API - Smartlinks

Implement a webhook to capture the confirmation of transactions made, and update your database so you can trigger your delivery or logistics process for your goods and services.

For more information look at Smartlinks Webhooks