Ready to receive payments?

What is Cajita?

The Kushki payment box is a widget for your site that will allow you to easily and quickly receive payments online. It consists of 2 parts:

  • The first is the payment box itself, which integrates with the front end of your business page thanks to a Javascript snippet.

  • The second part is a library that you will use in the backend of your business. Currently you can integrate our Kushki API.

How does it work?

The box is integrated to the website of the merchant using Javascript. It creates an iframe that uses HTTPS to communicate with the backend. Once you are in the site, the user enters their credit card information and presses the “Pay” button.


  1. The card information is encrypted and sent by HTTPS to the Kushki backend.
  2. The Kushki backend verifies the card data, and checks that it can be charged. If verification is successful, it responds with a single-use token. This token is valid for a single transaction, and expires after 30 minutes.
  3. Automatically submits the form, sending the received token to the backend of the merchant, as well as any other data added.
  4. In the merchant server the necessary calculations are made to obtain the total amount to be collected.
  5. Using the Kushki libraries or API, the request of collection is made, from the merchant server, using the token obtained.
  6. Once the payment has been made, the Kushki backend responds with a ticket number when succesfull and a code with a message if it declined.

For more information please check our documentation Cajita