Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a test account?

To get your own test account, you can signup here.

I have an integration for several countries, can I use the same test account?

If you are developing an integration for several countries, we recommend you to create an account for each one. That way, you can test with local settings and local currency.

Can I use my test account after getting my production credentials?

Yes, you can. Your test account will not be disabled once you receive production credentials.

What should I do after finishing my integration?

A technical certification is needed. Please contact us to schedule a meeting. During the meeting we are going to perform some test to check that your integration works as expected.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is a process where kushki transforms the customer’s sensitive data into an alphanumeric code called token. By using this token, you don’t need to directly manage this data, so you can perform a transaction in a secure way.

Does the token expire?

Yes, it does. A token has a lifespan of 30 minutes and it can be used only once.

Does Kushki have a form already designed so the customer enters the payment information?

Yes, it is called Cajita. If you import Cajita in your frontend you will have a predesigned form. The form will change depending on the payment method. See Cajita’s documentation here.

Can I desing my own frontend form?

Yes, you can. You are free to desing your own form with the colors and logos of your choice. After getting your customer’s data from your form, you just need to request the token using one of Kushki’s frontend libraries.

What do I have to consider if I desing my own form for credit card payments?

Heres’s a list of the validations needed:

  • Cardholder name is required
  • Credit card field allows only numbers
  • Credit card field allows a maximum of 16 digits (could be less)
  • Credit card number is required
  • CVV field allows only numbers
  • CVV field allows a maximum of 4 digits (could be 3)
  • CVV is required
  • The CVV is masked, so it cannot be read, by replacing each character with symbols such as asterisks (*) or dots (•)
  • Expiration date is a valid date (current month and year or future)
  • Expiration date is required
  • The PAY button is disabled after the first click

If I use Cajita, do I have to call the token?

It is not necessary. Cajita already has the tokenization logic. After click on the PAY button, Cajita will give you the token.

Can Kushki send the payment confirmation to my service?

Yes, it is possible. We offer you notifications via webhooks. See the documentation here.

How can I configure my webhook URL on Kushki?

Please, contact us and provide our team the URL of your service along with your public merchant id.

What are the requirements for my webhook to get the notification?

Your webhook needs to be capable of receive POST requests. Also, it is important to have a SSL Certificate. If you successfully get the notification, please send a status code 200 as a response.

What happens if my webhook is temporary down?

If we receive a bad response when we try to notify your service, we will try again 3 days in a row a total of 36 times.